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Astro-Designing is an amalgamation of two of the oldest occult sciences Astrology and Vaastu with Art. Based on a traditional concept, Astro-Designing is a revolutionary system for designing.

It came about as a result of extensive research and experimentation put in by Mr. B.R. Saini, the director of the National School of Astrology and Palmistry, backed by his long experience as a professional astrologer, researcher and a Vaastu-consultant.

At times, we consciously experience the effects of colors and forms on our moods, as well as on our attitudes. While some colors attract us, others repel, and subtly they constantly exercise their influence in our lives. Chromo-Therapy and Gemology are the sciences based on this concept only and are being widely used medically all over the world.

These two sciences have been combined in consonance with the elements of art in a novel way, so as to create a synergy that can counter the ill-effects of the planets, as also exalt the favorable ones, without compromising on aesthetic value. The colours, format, type-face, orientation of the objects, their relative placement, shapes etc. are worked out in conformity to these two sciences based on the horoscope(s)of the key-person(s). Under the guidance of the N.S.A.P., the professional artists at Art Sastra harmonise the two sciences with aesthetics, such that the design not only evens out all the deficiencies, but also enhances your image.

We astro-design the logos, visiting cards, letterheads, product- packaging, signboards etc. for Companies/Firms/Professionals customised upon the horoscope(s) of the person(s) concerned. The same principles have been adapted to the technology and put to astro-designing of Web-sites. We also astro-design Wedding Cards on the basis of the horoscopes of the bride and the groom.