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How can stars be responsible for our destiny? Well, considering the whole universe as a package of energy, we can understand how each particle in it affects the other. The universe simply happens to be a manifestation of cause and effect. The stars and the planets being such masses of energy concentration, excercise a lot of influence on our lives too. Just like the Earth’s gravity holds all the water on itself, the Moon still manages to govern the tides in the seas; one can imagine how it may be affecting us, who consist of 70% water.

Astrology (derived from Greek word “Astron” meaning “Star”, and “logos” stands for “Science”) is just like any other science based on logical deductions through experimentation and hypotheses. But practising this as an art needs thorough knowledge of the facts. Many of the principles involved in it are too subtle to grasp through the senses, just like the force of gravity, which requires great deal of insight and intuition as well. Applied correctly, it can be harnessed to a lot of good for the mankind.

With the advent of the computer age, this ancient science has quite effectively been fused with the modern day techniques of scientific research, such as statistics, analysis and computer programming, in order to study the astrological influences on individuals. This has come about to be known as Cosmo-Biology. We, at the National School of Astrology and Palmistry, use these modern techniques only for the preparation of horoscopes, and to get a detailed accurate description for the various statistical analyses involved. But, the reading of the same, including the predictions and the suggestions are provided only by the Director of the institute, Mr. B.R. Saini.

SAADE-SAATI :Regarded as one of the most dreaded periods in a person’s life, Saade-Saati is said to occur when the Saturn approaches within 45 degrees from the position of the Moon in the Birth Chart. It may become even worse if the person’s Saturn is exalted in the Birth Chart. It is an empirically established fact that even the most powerful people falter under the influence of Saade-Saati, though it leaves behind a trail of experiences to learn from and grow. This period lasts for about seven and a half years in every thirty years and makes it necessary for anyone to run for shelter.

KAAL-SARP-YOG :Another dreaded combination of planetary positions, Kaal-Sarp-Yog is said to be present when all the main planets happen to lie within 180 degrees, confined within the positions of Rahu (Dragon’s Head) and Ketu (Dragon’s Tail). This influences a person with certain deficiencies and may be corrected through certain gemstones.

MANGLIK DOSHA: Manglik Dosha is governed by the position of the Mars or Mangala in the subject’s horoscope. This has various implications with respect to one’s temperament, character as also with respect to Marriage.
It is commonly believed (sometimes unreasonably) that a Manglik should never marry a Non-Manglik; which, as a matter of fact, is not hundred percent correct. There are many considerations which deem this law no good, depending upon the horoscopes of both the subjects. Many a times, due to lack of enough knowledge or based on unscientific dogmas, the reader of the horoscope overlooks certain technicalities inherent within the horoscope which cancel out the Manglik Dosha altogether.
On the other hand, while matching the horoscopes of a Manglik and a Non-Manglik, the reader is not able to read between certain planetary positions which can over-power the Manglik Dosha, henceforth rendering it harmless with respect to conjugal aspect. There have been many cases whereby, this has been proved true, and this is based not only on Mr. Saini’s experience but also the extensive research he has carried out in this respect.

ASTROLOGICAL PROJECT REPORTS:: for business ventures like in fields of Pharmaceuticals, Media, Petro-chemicals, Electronics, Textiles, Metals, Real Estate, Agro-based products, Travel etc.

MEDICAL ASTROLOGY: The various parts and systems of the body are correlated to the different planets and celestial patterns. Astrology has been very helpful in diagnosing a lot of diseases and there have been many an alternative medicines for fighting the deficiencies leading to diseases.