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Pyramid is related to the seven energy centers and the five elements of our body. It is a shape with a square base and a pointed apex. This is known to be a dynamic shape, that has yang or activating properties. The space inside the Pyramid is a reflection of the whole universe in itself.

It is the energy that is transformed into shapes, and the shapes keep evolving from one form to another. While a sphere is the most stable shape, the pointed ones are considered to be most dynamic.

The Pyramid is a triangular pointed shape and it resonates with the cosmic energy emanating from the celestial bodies.

The energy inside a pyramid has proved wonderous from ancient times, as in Egypt for preserving dead bodies.The Pyramids have been experimented with a number of applications, like in improving the efficiency of electronic devices, increasing the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, for attaining more harmonious relationships with people around you, having a better sleep, for better concentration during meditation, attracting positive energy into the house, increasing returns in business, preserving food, and of course for gaining positive health. For eg., by regularly drinking water that has been charged overnight under a pyramid can relieve us of many a health problems.