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B.R.Saini – The foreword : His fascination with astrology started at an early age of 12, when he observed his father, a farmer, guiding his fellow farmers to sow seeds of different crops at certain times of the year as per the position and phases of the moon, planets and constellations, actually resulting in better crops. The little child could not understand how the positions of these heavenly bodies could affect the crops, but, at the same time he grew wondering and observing if the very same heavenly bodies could affect the human body, mind and life!

Plethora of questions and intimidating thoughts kept intriguing his mind which made him pursue his research on the subject in school days, made him do his masters in Geography & Astronomy and eventually led him around the world in pursuit of knowledge on Astrology and the allied occult sciences.

Even while he was doing intense research and study on occult sciences, he started practicing as an Astrologer and Vaastu consultant way back in the sixties. His result oriented guidance and suggestions not only made him popular amongst all stratums of the society but also made him confident of the authenticity of the metaphysical and the occult. His research, free consultation & practice went on through the seventies when he also gained knowledge in subjects like music and yoga. The subjects made him understand the connection between the seven notes of music, the seven colors of light, the seven chakras of human body, the seven main heavenly bodies, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn and the corresponding seven main precious gemstones etc etc.

By the early eighties he had gained immense popularity and had become one of the most sought after astrologers in the world. Though guiding people towards fulfilled, happy and healthy life gave him immense satisfaction, he did not find much purpose in carrying on as a mere consultant. He wanted to spread his knowledge that he had acquired with years of research, practice and experience. That made him establish the first formal school of astrology in the country in the year 1982 - The National school of Astrology & Palmistry.

The odyssey thereafter was destined to be phenomenal.

In the early nineties Mr.B.R.Saini was joined by his elder son Vipul Saini, an Artist, painter and a writer, together they introduced the concept of “Astro Designing” and Artistry in Vaastu principles. Mid nineties saw his younger son Vibhor Saini joining him too. Vibhor being his father’s disciple since childhood and an accomplished musician himself, brought in more scientific and modern approach along with research inputs into less explored branches of Astrology and Vaastu shastra such as medical astrology, pyramid therapy, modern Vaastu approach and its practical execution craft.

Vibhor also took the crusade towards spreading logical and scientific concepts behind most occult beliefs and to make masses aware that Astrology is not a mere superstition, but the way it is being practiced, the way the so called astrologers scare masses of negative future and make them follow baseless and unscientific remedial practices, is what makes Astrology look fake and a mere superstition to a rational mind.

Today the father son trio not only impart knowledge of Astrology, other occult sciences, Art and music but also travel across the globe holding workshops, conducting seminars & orations and giving consultations on the subjects.


National School of Astrology & Palmistry

Saraswati Music College