Astrology delhi astrology
Integrating the five elements of Nature in consonance with forces of the Universe, perfected to suit the individual based on his/her horoscope. Using an ancient science, manipulated to the present day life, to make it peaceful and prosperous.
Combining the two sciences of Astrology and Vaastu Shastra with elements of Art, to createa synergy that can counter the ill-effects of the planets. Specific to an individual, it helps not only financially, but at mental, physical and
Your futures is in your hands          Literally !
These mystical,highly radio-active crystals, transmit the required cosmic rays into the body and filter out the negative influence here counter-balancing the effects of the planetary vibrations.
Predictions, project reports, Synastry (Metrimonial), Saade-Saati,Kaal-sarp-yog, Manglik cases....everything regarding your past, persent or futures based on your haroscope. All we require is your Date, Time and Place of Birth or a copy of your horoscope.